Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Belle of the Ball" Use What I Have Resolution

My Completed Belle! A real sense of accomplishment!

This month I finished a project that had been in my craft closet since April 2010, the Belle of the Ball Art Doll from the NJ Art Opera Workshop. This doll was designed by Heidi Wallingford (see: for Art Opera and I had the opportunity to take her class. But my desire for perfection during the class put me far behind the other students. In fact, out of the four classes I took at this event, the Belle of the Ball languished as a work in progress for months. Each time I would look at her I would become intimidated and put her down. Finally, I made a New Year's resolution that in 2011 I would begin to finish my partially done/undone projects and not buy any new craft supplies or projects. It was time to work through the craft closet and "Use What I Have." The one caveat is I could start a new project as long as it did not cost me anything and as long as I was able to begin the process of "using up things around the house." It makes sense from a clutter and money perspective and my primary goal here is to simplify my life.

Back view of Belle. Note the seam tape flower made from Heidi's kit's packaging and the vintage buttons from my button jar.

"Belle of the Ball" was my first 2011 "Use What I Have" project and despite a bit of aggravation at times, I feel terrific about how she turned out. I rummaged through my supplies for all of her embellishments and I made a point of trying not to be too perfect (a real problem for me) as I finished the embroidery. When I started to organize my supplies and think of ways to use things versus running to the store, I was pleasantly surprised at how much versatility I had in my own supplies and ingenuity. (PS See the neck warmer I made earlier, same thing, did not have to spend a penny!)

Every day when I see Belle on my dresser it gives me a wonderful sense of accomplishment and she has now become my mascot for 2011. It is all about using what I have, being a bit more frugal and a lot less of a perfectionist.

Look for more completed projects from me in 2011. This is just the beginning.

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  1. Congratulations! A beautiful job!
    And I admire your 'use what I have' resolution. I am desperately trying to stick with my 'be happy with what I have' resolution and, so far, it hasn't been too bad. Now, if I could only stay away from photography magazines, I might have a little more success. Again, you did a beautiful job!