Monday, March 1, 2010

Peaceable Kingdom - Lion and Lamb in March

For as long as I could remember, I have loved the Lion and Lamb Peaceable Kingdom. Maybe it is the combination of the gentle lamb and the strength of the lion, maybe it is the symbol of peace. It doesn't matter but I love the image especially for the month of March. March is the month when we experience the cold harshness of winter but at the same time we begin to feel the gentleness of spring. Many years ago I taught Scherenschnitte at a local art studio. It was my escape from work and family commitments. It was my time. I always made a point of designing the work myself to add the extra dimension to the class. While I have a degree in Art History I am self taught in American Folk Art. Below is one of my designs that I taught in a class. It was done in the style of Claudia Hopf who is a very accomplished folk artist. It is cut paper with water color. The frame is hand grained.

The above painting is from the Williamsburg Folk Art Museum. I have a framed print of this painting and have always loved it. The artist Edward Hicks was a Quaker Minister (1780-1849) who lived in Pennsylvania. It is interesting that five years ago we bought a home in a Quaker Village established in 1766. Chances are good that Edward Hicks may have visited the Quaker Meeting House across the street from my home. I like to think that was the case.

Enjoy the month of March, may we all experience the peace of the lamb and the coming of spring.

Have a wonderful week.

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