Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Glow of Vintage Lighting Fixtures

Lamps and lighting fixtures have always been important to me. I feel that light fixtures and lamps add mood and richness to any room. Vintage lighting is especially appealing to me and I always make a point of trying to buy old before I consider new. When we bought our circa 1890 home four years ago, it needed a tremendous amount of restoration. We tried to find old fixtures for the home and found three that have become my favorite. All three were restored and rewired. While the cost was less than new fixtures, the richness that these bring to my home are priceless.

This one is a favorite in our bedroom. I love the crown, the shield and the candles which are new but look vintage. An old key and a vintage crystal were added by me.

Above is the powder room fixture. It is solid brass with very detailed faces and vintage prisms. We also added the stained glass window. The wooden mirror is also an antique.

Front hall fixture is above. This photo does not do it justice, it is very detailed and beautifully made. You cannot get this quality or workmanship in new. Plus I love the adventure of the hunt in finding these. There is always a story to tell about how we found each fixture. Ah, the romance of it all.

Have a wonderful week.

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